Are Libraries the Google (arbiters of truth) of the Printed Word?

Thoughts of a Guybrarian

I'm a Guybrarian. No, I'm not a faggot, I just like books.

I work at a rural Public Library. It's a small town so the Library reflects that. It is the second such Public Library I've worked at and overall the job is fulfilling and I enjoy it immensely.

You may or may not know this but the decision for which books to add to a collection are usually made by the Library Director. Both of the directors I have worked for have been reasonable and relatively neutral although the main prerequisite for a Librarian is female, left leaning.

I recently learned some things about the previous Director at my current library. This post is prompted by what I learned. She was at the helm when the covidiocy began and was a primary force in closing the library, strictly enforcing mask and distance rules and disinfecting all surfaces every day.

Being a lefty, she was a Covidiot, Maskhole and Tyrant. Go figure.


All of that aside, I learned that when the book about Fauci - 

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

was purposefully NOT added to the collection due to tyrranical covidiocy. The director was part of the Fauci Cult. To the point that a Patron bought and donated a copy of the book and she still refused to add it to the colection. She locked the copy in one of her desk drawers.

Fortunately our current Director added it to our collection but it raises a valid point. How often does this kind of thing happen? Given the almpst 100% lefty affiliation of library personnel this kind of thing may be very common. And how are we to know?

My suggestion is to go to your local library and look through the non-fiction stacks (typically the 900s). As well, if there is a book you think should be added, make it known at the Circulation Desk and most importantly, follow up frequently.

What say you?

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  • πŸ• α›‹αšΊIα›’A-Rista β˜•

    2 months ago

    If a book isn't in the library, does it even exist? We're dealing perception Vs reality here, and as we know, the cultists try at every turn to project their agenda into our physical domain.

    I would go as for to make the library a focal point in our communities, as it touches both educational and cultural aspects of society. Recapture the space the same as we have started taking over school boards.

  • Sparky

    2 months ago

    Honestly G.. I'm surprised TPTB haven't ordered all books burned; but I expect it. History cannot be rewritten.. it simply can't... but it can easily be buried along with the other bodies.

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