Why a Censor-Free Outlet is Needed

Just a statement of purpose.

I have long been what they call a 'conspiracy nut', what I like to call 'pattern recognition' and distrustful of authority. I have heard a lot of things, sadly most have come true despite the crazy ones that are probably leaked to taint the others.  It makes little sense to claim reptilian aliens secretly run things just to smear any investigations of real corruption, but it is done.

Over the years, I have seen the globalists put themselves in position to affect us all.  I can only dutifully point out odd details and extrapolate worse case scenarios to prepare people, since I have neither the resources nor the youth to try and fix it directly.  I can support those that do tho. 

I would rather err on the side of assuming the worst behaviors of tyrants than not.  I am NOT sorry. Nor should you be!  KEEP GOING AND GOOD LUCK!





  • Sparky

    2 months ago

    The ball gag is a nice touch, Bar. 😁

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