41 Leadership Quips

41 Awesome Leadership Principles

Leadership Quotes, Courtesy of Michael Buckland – Pilot, Professor and all around Hell Of A Guy.


The function of a leader is to chart a course, not to seek approval.

A leader cannot chart a course without a moral compass.

If you start to take Vienna – then take Vienna!

Lead with your life.

A leader must see reality clearly and act wisely.

A leader must have a vision, set values and embody virtues.

Lead people, manage things.

You can’t push a string.

A leader focuses on motivating people, not manipulating them.

In order to be convincing, we must be convinced.

Commitments are far more important than committees.

Explain yourself, but never defend yourself.

Sell your ideas, not yourself.

Serve a cause, don’t become one.

First In, last out.

Leadership is about serving, not deserving.

Leadership is about responsibility, not about rank, privilege or power.

Give authority to those who seek responsibility.

Authority flows to those who take it.

Authority = the ability to author.

Responsible = response-able

Leadership is more about influence than about authority.

Fix problems, not blame.

A leader takes less than his share of the credit, more than his share of the blame.

A leader shows his subordinates the same level of respect that he shows his superiors.

A leader stands up for his team.

No one person has all of the answers.

A leader is a teacher.

A leader understands that only those who are learning are fit to teach, and only those who are loyal are fit to lead.

A leader should always be training his replacement.

Goals should be measurable against clear standards.

A leader lets his team know where they stand, where they’re going and why, and how and when they’re going to get there.

A leader must train and trust.

If we don’t stand for anything, then we’ll probably fall for something.

It’s a good idea to join the side you’re on.

What do you mean, MY end of the boat is sinking?

A leader uses language to clarify rather than to obscure. (Eschew Obsfucation)

A leader understands that people unite around a truth – not a leader.

A leader is more concerned with content than with intent.

A leader is concerned with the mission and the people.

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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  • Modesty

    2 months ago

    He's right, George...but I say you can push string. It might knot up a bit, but it's not impossible. (Me just being contrary)

    I particularly like the very last one...

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