It's Time To Genocide The Babylon Bee

The Managing Editor is all for White Genocide

For years, I've been a fan of The Babylon Bee. Their satire is so spot-on that it is often uncanny and a bit frightening, honestly. The articles literally make me laugh out loud.

Unfortunately, my praise and use of them ends today. I am removing them from our news feed and will not reference them in our shows. They are dead to me. It is only fair, since their Managing Editor Joel Berry wants me and my race to die. And he makes no bones about it. I'm not even going to address the "he's a jew" question since his statements make that question redundant.

Now, I see the time-stamp of May 2021. It doesn't matter. He posted it, he owns it.

The Babylon Bee page still shows him as the Managing Editor on their About page.

It's time to Genocide the Babylon Bee.

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