The Importance of An Inch

What a difference an inch can make...

The Importance of An Inch

We think of an inch as a measurement, a small one. But in many cases, that little inch can make a huge difference.

Babies are measured in inches when they're born, and are ever-so-important with preemies. Pregnant women are measured in inches to check the baby's growth.

You've heard of the saying "Measure twice, cut once." There's a reason for that. It saves you time, money, and a serious amount of aggravation.

To a child, an inch can make a difference between whether they're tall enough to go on a ride at an amusement park or not. 

An inch can determine whether a team stayed in bounds or got the first down. Or if you'll fit into that pair of pants. 

Your neighbors, the ones that are a pain in the butt, will let you know if your fence is one inch over on their property.

I bet some of you thought this was going to go in a completely different direction...yeah, those little inches count, too.


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