If Life Were Easy

Anyone could do it.


Well guess what? You're here so you don't have a choice in the matter. If you stopped by, thinking I was going to give some secret to an easy life, then sorry (not sorry) but I'm afraid you will be disappointed.

You see, life can be kind of funny instead of easy. Not funny ha-ha but funny wtf.

I'm 62 and here are some things I've learned along the way:

  • Life is not easy for most of us. There are challenges that can be either expected or unexpected. How you rise or shrink from these challenges may actually define your life. You'll not meet all of them, so enjoy your victories and take lessons from the others.
  • Dower Countess Lady Violet spoke most eloquently when she quipped, "Life is a series of problems we must solve. First one, then the next then the next until finally, we die." Not sunshine and rainbows but for the most part, true.
  • Your health matters. Don't piss it away when you are young. Eventually you will be presented your bar tab and you gotta pay it. No credit cards accepted. Cash only. Everything (well, most things) in moderation. The human body is amazing but just like people, it will only take so many insults before it decides to up and leave.
  • Don't let your job define you. You are not a banker or a baker or a candlestick maker. Those are things you do. They are not who you are. If you are one of the fortunate who can make a living doing what you love and have great passion for, then consider yourself the luckiest of the lucky. For most of us we exchange our time for money because we have to.
  • As much as you can, live a simple life. Declutter your mind and your surroundings. Remember that decluttering can mean people too.
  • People will drift in and out of your life. Often unexpectedly and at times, just when you needed them most. This is most important to understand. Rare are the ones who will be there as long as you may like. Treasure the ones who drift in. And when they drift out it's ok to mourn that loss. Those can be the most difficult for us as humans because we may not ever know the reason they drifted out or why they showed up in the first place. If life were easy...
  • Life is about balance. Be true to yourself, understand the things that make you a good person and the things that make you less than perfect. When a choice is to be kind to someone or harsh because "that is who you are" then try and choose kindness. Being kind is never a failing.
  • Jimmy Buffet had a song lyric that went, "Be good and you will be lonesome. Be lonesome and you will be free." Profound.

If you needed to hear these words, then I'm very happy you stopped by. If these words don't speak to you then they were not intended for you to hear and you will find another way forward.

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  • 🐕 ᛋᚺIᛒA-Rista ☕

    9 months ago

    Point number 4 describes exactly how I've lived my life. No single aspect of my life has been all consuming. During my time as a university student, I carried a full-time job and paid as I worked my way through. Professionally as an engineer, I eventually became considered to be a 'generalist', as there was no single expertise that could define/constrain me. This continues even after exiting the system in "retirement".

    There have been failures along the way for sure. Mostly self-inflicted and a lack of understanding or immaturity. Those failures likewise didn't come to define me, but rather served as learning experiences. Reflecting back on them, I understand this completely.

    It turns out I've been a problem solver all along.

  • Modesty

    9 months ago

    Nice job, George...all true. If more people followed these suggestions (including yours truly), the world would be a better place.🙂

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