Know Thine Enemy

Exposing the most pervasive marxist organization in this country.

Obviusly, this is ANTIFA, right?

Nope. Not even close. It's the ALA - The American Library Association.

"Jesus, George. Not another library post." Now before you click away, hear me out. 

We all know that a vast majority of Librarians and Library Staff are leftists. I know, I work at one. Many of those who read this post will shrug their shoulders and say, "Meh. I don't go to the library anyway. It affects me not."

WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

When most of us think of libraries we think of a brick and mortar building replete with an American Flag out front, centrally located in our town. 

Dig a lttle deeper. Libraries are everywhere.

There is a library in most every elementary, middle and high school. Every college and university. Every medical school. Every law school. Every correctional facility. Your children, colleagues, Doctor, Lawyer and others have all attended several of these institutions at some point.

And what do these libraries have in common?

Each one has a Librarian. And every one of these Librarians is a member of the American Library Association. it is mandatory in many of these positions.

The ALA is not just a professional organization. It is a resource and training ground for the actual Marxist side of the culture war that plagues our nation. Let me tell you folks, they are damned good at it. They are subversive, well organized and have the ear of politicians and the sympathies of do-gooders who don't know any better and hold a fantasy view of libraries where quiet is the rule, kids sit in the sun reading  books and a helpful old lady with cat glasses help them navigate the Dewey Decimal card cabinet.

Because of my job, I recently became a member. I went to the available trainings tab and was enlighteened, disturbed and deeply pissed.

What got under my skin? Have a look at these course offerings. These are the starting points and demonstrate their plan for subverting our nation.

Incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles into Our Metadata

Anti-Racist Acquisitions: Interrogating Processes

The process and policies of acquiring materials are often overlooked when considering developing an inclusive and anti-racist collection. This presentation will reflect upon how Whiteness manifests in library processes for acquiring materials and is grounded in Diane Gusa’s White Institutional Presence (WIP) framework

A Practical Approach to Growing a Diverse School Library Collection and Program

This webinar will empower participants add diverse titles to their collection through awards, lists, websites and social media. Additionally, participants will explore programming ideas and instructional activities for engaging diverse students and parents and ways of incorporating instructional technology. Participants will begin by reviewing a definition of diversity and the American Library Association’s Bill of rights. They will then delve into using keyword searches as a method of analyzing their collection for diversity. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their circulation and fines policies, hours of operation as a means of promoting diversity. 

Shaping Culturally Intelligent Libraries

The conversation will explore how CQ can shape our libraries’ policies, services, and programs in ways which help our staff and users bridge the culture gaps and cross the cultural boundaries of our ever-changing communities.

Defending Intellectual Freedom: LGBTQ+ Materials in School Libraries

Defending Intellectual Freedom: LGBTQ+ Materials in School Libraries, examines how to build and safeguard LGBTQ+-inclusive collections, instruction, and spaces. 

Dismantling Racism in Collaborative Collections

In 2019, Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) launched a strategy that emphasized its commitment to empowering institutions and communities that have been historically marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented, and promoting diverse and inclusive collections and stories. As part of this work, DPLA recently launched the Black Women’s Suffrage Digital Collection, a collaborative project that provides access to 200,000+ archival materials that help tell the story of the critical role Black women played—and continue to play—in the voting rights and civil rights movements. In order to address the inclusion of harmful language in collection metadata, the DPLA Metadata Working Group created a harmful language statement to explain the work librarians and archivists must do to balance the preservation of the history of people who have experienced trauma and harm with sensitivity in how it is presented to users.

Fostering Racial Literacy with Children's Literature

Talking about issues related to racial justice is difficult in today's political climate. Given the uptick of reported incidents of racism that students of color are experiencing in schools, alongside recent developments with state laws, educational policies and instructional practices connected to anti-racism and equity, this webinar will focus on children's literature that supports racial literacy development.

Disrupting Middle Class Bias in Library Programming

What could be wrong with traditional middle class principles such as hard work, achievement, self-sufficiency, and planning? The reality is that these dearly held values alienate many library customers and impede our ability to truly meet their needs

Keeping Governance on Track

Increasingly, library board meetings are facing disruptions, often making it difficult to conduct necessary board business. With the rise in challenges to library materials, programs, and access, boards are often affected internally (conflict/dissent among board members) and externally (public comment and disruptions from meeting observers).

Rainbow Connections: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Kids and Allies in Your Community and Beyond

Is your library looking to start an LGBTQ+ youth program? During this free on-demand webinar you’ll learn how the Abington Township Public Library in Pennsylvania launched their wildly successful program in the fall of 2021. Rainbow Connections is a virtual program, led by a team that includes a children’s librarian and a community parent, that convenes LGBTQ+ children, allies, and their families from across the country. Learn how to start your own library group to help support and affirm LGBTQ+ kids and their families as well as educate and build community with allies.

Recruiting, Retaining, and Engaging Transgender and Nonbinary Library Staff

Come hear from transgender and nonbinary library staff and managers about what makes an agency or position attractive, how a workplace can be inclusive and welcoming, and ways employers can recognize the value of transgender and nonbinary staff at all levels.

A Social Justice Approach to Outreach with Families and Children in Underserved Communities

provide an overview of the importance of outreach efforts to underserved communities; how to intentionally integrate the social justice concepts of equity, engagement, and empowerment into these efforts; and the role of community values in developing authentic outreach services for young children and families

How Libraries Can Grow Voters

Learn how youth service and school librarians can support the next generation of voters and expand the electorate. We’ll hear from the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) about their new CIRCLE Growing Voters report and framework, which aims to transform how community institutions at all levels can better support a wide diversity of young people to participate in elections.


And folks, these are just a sample! There are literally hundreds of other titles in a similar vein. These could be an appendix chapter in Saul Alinski's Rules For Radicals.

This is ground zero in the culture war. These people are organized and well-funded. No wonder we are losing the war.

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