National Socialism and You

National Socialism is the way forward

First things frst. Does the "Socialism" in National Socialism frighten you? If you are like most of us on the right, we see that word and wholly reject the entire concept. If we consider UK or Canada or any number of countries that are socialist then it is right to detest and fight the Socialism model. National Socialism is not the same. Not even close.

National Socialism is the idea of unity of all aspects of our society. The common goal of enriching and ensuring the longevity of our nation as founded. It is not about redistributing wealth or taking from the rich to give to the poor. The socialism aspect has to do with all of us in our national society doing what we can and assisting each other at the most fundamental level.

Workers are expected to be productive and do their part to enrich the nation. Employers are expected to make a profit but not at the expense of the workers. Strong businesses with a goal of building a strong nation are encouraged. This is NOT capitalism. It shuns corporate greed.

National Socialists believe in life. We believe in a strong nuclear family where our children are raised with values that support our nation and shun perversion and immorality. Strong families with many children will help ensure the longevity of our nation.

We believe it is important to be in step with nature. We are stewards of the land we live in. We respect the wildlife contained within and the many beautiful aspects of this land God has given us.

Beautiful art and architecture is a foundation of who we are and demonstrates an appreciation for the things that make our nation beautiful and something to be proud to oversee.

Finally, National Socialism is about life and rebirth. As our nation moves further and further from these worthy ideals, we move closer to the untimely end of our nation, our culture and our people. Do your research, seek the truth. We can do this if we, as a people, come together.


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    this is beautifully written, Georgie! 🤩

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