From Normie to Radical

My arc of personal development from normie to radical. How I got to where I am today.

Once Upon a Time

Like many of us just that were mostly happy living our lives and not paying too much attention to the geopolitical goings on, I hit a point where I was suddenly compelled to 'pull back the curtain', look around and start asking questions.  What I found changed how I view the world around us and how I've come to interpret things.  This is but a part of my story.

Part of 'The Machine'

That was me as I existed in the corporate world.  I was comfortable and mostly happy with the career I'd forged for myself.  I had found ways to avoid getting pushed into leadership and continue on a technical development path.  I was quite literally viewed as the eqivalent of a 'Swiss Army Knife' within the engineering organization, though HR binned me as a 'Generalist', which I originally took as a slight.  I've since come to think of it as the eqivalent of the 'Renaissance Man' that was skilled in any number of fields.

I worked for a large multi-national corporation which had in excess of a quarter million employees, revenues that hovered round $100B annually, and a history of generally positive cash flow as a whole.  As part the automotive domain for this company for twenty plus years, I experienced a rapidly growing organization with plenty of opportunities to move around and learn new products, technologies, and skill sets.  About half of my time was spent within the advanced engineering organization where I saw many promising product concepts die because they were either too visionary, or placed the company outside of their comfort zone.  This was my first point of discontent.

At some point I entered into a discussion with a few coworkers about globalism, but more from a supply chain and logistics perspective than how we currently discuss it.  I was the lone proponent of short geographic supply chains rather than those which stretched across the globe.  That being said, there were people that brought up the notion of helping out other countries by 'spreading the wealth' and having production outside our own country.  I asked why that was a good thing, and don't recall any logical answers.  Let this be the second point of discontent.

WFH and a WTF Moment

Fast forwarding to March of 2020 - you all know what was going on then.  We were told "2 weeks to flatten the curve" by the 'experts', which turned into two months, and from my perspective, a permanent WFH (work from home) scenario.  I took advantage of the situation and began the process of completing a long-overdue kitchen renovation completed.  Just don't ask me how long it took in total.  While basking in the glow of a very contemporary, fully functional kitchen of my own design, I realized that nothing I did at work could possibly compare to the sense of accomplishment I felt.  This, when combined with an increasingly negative bias against purebloods, would be my final point of discontent.  It just hadn't sunken in yet.

WFH also afforded me time to pursue 'independent research' on the topic of SARS-CoV-2 once November had rolled around.  I had willfully stopped complying by the time summer had come around and observed a world that didn't fit the narrative of high mortality and sickness.  As recently as 2018 I had been working on a data anlytics platform, merging and formatting raw data, and drawing pretty charts and graphs in a dashboard.  Using this background, I started digging into data and found something of interest.  This thing was the Corman-Drosten Review Report and the previously referenced WTF moment.

You Can Make Data Say Whatever You Want

What lead me to the realization that it was, without a doubt, fake and gay was my reading of the Corman-Drosten Review Report which discussed the rt-PCR test being used. Published November of 2020. I shared this with people from work at the time, but I don't think anybody listened.  What the report highlighted was 10 Fatal Flaws of the rt-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2, but only 2 are necessary to prove my point.

  • The first and major issue is that the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is based on in silico(theoretical) sequences, supplied by a laboratory in China [1], because at the time neither control material of infectious (“live”) or inactivated SARS-CoV-2 nor isolated genomic RNA of the virus was available to the authors.  All other attempt I'm aware of in which this has been requested by FOIA or similar has been met with a response of "no data on this topic exists".
  • The RT-PCR test described in the Corman-Drosten paper contains so many molecular biological design errors (see 1-5) that it is not possible to obtain unambiguous results. It is inevitable that this test will generate a tremendous number of so-called “false positives”.  There's your smoking gun from a data analytics perspective.  This matches what Dr. Kary Mullis had warned against before his sudden passing.

These revelations lead me to draft a lengthy screed that I had planned to carpet bomb LinkIn with, but ultimately decided against.  See below for an excerpt.

"While data analytics can be an extremely valuable tool for understanding our world, it can also be used to create an alternate perception of reality.  This is something that can be accomplished though bias in the underlying data set.  Bias can be injected into the data set intentionally though faulty test methodology, which effectively results in a “Garbage In/Garbage Out” scenario.  The resulting analysis of this data set will be skewed due to the “noise” that was injected as a result of the faulty test methodology.  The issue becomes compounded should we proceed to act on the narrative told through the analysis of the faulty, biased data set."

Crafting a Narrative of Fear (Global PSYOP)

  • Capture (staged?) video of a single individual collapsing in a train station.
  • Capture more video of people on stretchers and stacks of coffins.
  • Repeat playback of the above 24/7.
  • Release a test that was never intended to be deployed across a population to detect the presence of a synthesized genetic sequence of “biologic soup”.
  • Do this even knowing the high potential for false positives.
  • Recommend that the test is performed even on those NOT expressing symptoms.
  • Count the positive test numbers and keep them displayed 24/7
  • Count the dead and keep the numbers displayed 24/7
  • Capture more video of "crowded" ICUs
  • Push sick people in with the most vulnerable and watch the death rate skyrocket.
  • Mandate a “treatment” protocol that’s likely to kill the patient and further increase the death count.
  • Push lockdowns to destroy the ecomony.
  • Push masks to dehumanize people.
  • Ignore all other causes of sickness and death.
  • Ignore alternative treatments and punish those who suggest them.

The 'Rabbit Hole' & Realization

Taking what I discovered and asking the inevitable question of "Why?", it became clear it was set in motion to support a few intertwined agendas.

  •  2020 Election based on timing and "rule" changes to enable massive cheating
  • Depopulation based on release of the genetic bioweapon and what the WEFuckers have broadcast
    • Determine who the resistance is to the 2030 agenda

Armed with this, I made the determination to exit the system, which now considered me a radical, a dissident, a "threat to democracy", and domestic terrorist for daring to question things and think critically for myself.  This was what my heart told me, but I waited further, watched clown world reveal itself further, before finally planning and executing my exit. 

Walking Forward In Life & Light

Regardless of how I may now be branded, I am more than comfortable not being an NPC that wanders aimlessly throughout the game of life, and will not fear what lies ahead.  In my time out of the system, I have refined my carpentry skills, started baking, writing, dabbling in digital content creation, and getting back into gardening.  It is time for the Renaissance Men of this era to stake our claim and forge a world based on honor, duty, and sterwardship.  The first step was to deny the system of myself and the talents bestowed on me by God almighty.  I hope this can inspire others to do the same and break away from the system and deprive it of yourself.

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Just a doggo noticing things. The Shiba Inu personifies a spirit of bold independence and problem solving. Former electrical & systems engineer. Builder of electrical and mechanical things. Amateur barista, baker, and pixel pusher. Designer, carpenter, and craftsman.


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