We are NOT the Same! Pt.2

This common meme in words and photos with examples taken from my life. The second of many posts sharing this common theme.

You've all seen a meme with "We Are Not The Same" used as the phrase to describe a simple illustration that highlights the stark difference between "normies" or NPC's and ourselves.  Some observations of how differently we live our lives compared to those still plugged into the Matrix of control.

We Have Hands

God gave us them for a reason.  Our hands, when combined with our mind, are what's enabled humans to elevate themselves above the rest of the animal kingdom.  Because of these tools, we've been able to build amazing feats of architecture, magnificent machinery, and stunning works of art.  It is unfortunate though, that some are only able to use their hands as instruments of blunt force, limit them to typing on a keyboard, or swiping a touch screen.  We're talking about the type of person who's unable to assemble "furniture" from Ikea without assistance, despite pictographic instructions and the required tools being included.  

It's frankly difficult for me to comprehend being that inept, but we all know "that person".

Then there's us, the people that can, and will design their own furniture using both mind and mouse clicks, mill the rough lumber to size, and build the damn thing ourselves.  We might even cut down the damn tree as well.  A cheap, disposable table or bookcase that falls apart within a few years and winds up in the landfill compared to a family heirloom that's passed down throughout generations.  We are NOT the same.

The big box stores, with their gay social agendas, mass-produced chinese crap, and disposable capitalism can fuck right off.  The renderings are my designs and I built the top two tables last year.  

Link to Pt.1 (The Convenience Sacrifice)

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Just a doggo noticing things. The Shiba Inu personifies a spirit of bold independence and problem solving. Former electrical & systems engineer. Builder of electrical and mechanical things. Amateur barista, baker, and pixel pusher. Designer, carpenter, and craftsman.


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