Fatigue on That "Other" Platform

A this point, it's all background noise.

Yes, I have an account on that platform who shall remain nameless. Pretty much an OG there. Joined in November 2016. It has been a wild ride and I've had a lot of fun and met some fantastic people. I won't deny it. But over the last few months it has almost become too much.

I love the fact that it is "free speech." Well, mostly. However, the level of vitriol is not only out of control, it is mind-numbing in its repetitiveness. Literally the entire timeline is a one-note song: Kike, Nigger, Jew. I'm a National Socialist so I get it. I really do. After a while though, it all becomes white noise - no pun intended - and the message is drowned out, faded, and ineffective.

It wears you down. I try to keep things in perspective and I am doing my part recently by hashtagging #BeautifyXplatform. I post pics of classy women and couples in love and pics of traditional lifestyle. I figure if I'm gonna bitch about something, I'm going to do my best to try and make things better.

I follow about 3600 people (in theory) and I would bet I only see about 300 of them in my timeline. Understandable in some respects. Bots, old accounts, dead accounts, what-have-you. And this platform makes it impossibly difficult to unfollow people. It literally can take days. Days I don't have because I have better things to do with my time.

"So, George. Why don't you just leave the danged thing?" That is a valid question. There are a couple of reasons for not leaving. First and foremost I value the wonderful relationships I have over there. Many are true friends and I'm not ready to leave them. As well, I am backing away slowly as I build a presence on Shing Social. Many of my friends are now there and as Shing grows, I hope to make it my primary home for posting and keeping in touch with my internet fam.

If you are on that other platform, I'm not suggesting you drop it outright. What I am saying is that you owe it to yourself to explore the other options available.


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  • TruthsRFreedom

    8 months ago

    I HEAR YOU GOERGE!!! Because I am so branched out i am on MANY platforms. with connections in MANY MANY different social medias. WAY MORE than i can keep up with. Hence my staggered seeming absence here. There is ANOTHER 'THAT PLATFORM' that i wont name that i am pretty much an OG of as well. Lets just say, i wont play for pay, I play for God, and i look up to NO MAN, and have NEVER had a need to be a 'popular kid' so i am secretly censored there. MOST of the content is garbage. and i mean garbage. Its shameful. WHY do i stay? There are people there that are OG watchers that just dont want to leave. But they voice how much they enjoy my stream. And hey.....i dont leave anywhere because of someone else. I leave WHEN IM DANG GOOD AND READY.....and i aint even close. Im unmoved by pettiness, and what i do has NOTHING to do with anyone who might not want me there. DONT CARE. LOL....IS there a platform we cant have SOME complaint about?.....havent found one! But WHAT are we doing what we do for? Others. For Others. The ones that engage and get something good out of it. Right? So platform, schmatform. Meh....LOL WE GOT THIS FRIEND!

  • Politically Incorrect Puppy

    9 months ago
    [comment removed]
  • retired

    9 months ago

    Balance is key to everything.

    The Frog has lost balance...Shing will always be balanced as it's at the tip of a Sword of Truth. Pointed at times with it's language but it's balanced between what needs to be said and jovial interaction.

    It's how friends really spend time with each other. Not for up votes of clicks but rather for the fellowship.

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