The Telling Room

Social media has found a purpose.

In Northern Spain, with the countryside full of hand-made caves, after each harvest, some farmers would sit in a room within the cave and inventory their various foods. As time passed, the room became known as the "telling room," a place of communion where friends and families would gather to share their stories, secrets, and dreams. Michael Paterniti wrote a book titled The Tellng Room about a cheesemaker.

This post is not about cheese.

It occurred to me that social media has become a "telling room" of its own, where people gather to share their lives, opinions, and news. Incredibly, people form strong bonds of friendship with people they many never physically meet, never speak to on the phone or even learn their real names. For others the friendhsip is enjoyed offline as well as online. 

People naturally gravitate to their own kind, finding support and comfort in knowing they are not alone and not crazy simply because their values and viewpoints differ from the mainstream propagandists still trying to convince us that good is evil and evil is good.

I found a great "telling room" (thank you, Modesty) when I found the Not Sorry Show and its venue collection of shows and affiliates. The Not Sorry Show telling room is a place to get news, informed and intelligent analysis of the news, spiritual insight and even a lot of laughs from some smart and talented people! All the while you are developing memorable connections and friendships. In this crazy world, such fellowship rejuvenates your troubled spirit. 

And now there is Shing...Rob Colbert's "telling room" for people tired of dealing with social media censorship. It's a full package of channel streaming, community posts and chat options, beholden to no one, offerring entertainment, news and a place to mingle with friends. 

I know. I know. You already have accounts on several social media platforms and don't want another one. But Shing...and the Not Sorry Show brand is a telling room. Other platforms are Satan's workshops featuring values meant to destroy, not enrich, censoring news and opposing opinions. Too harsh to compare some social media platforms as Satan's workshops? Maybe. You be the judge. 

This post was not intended as an advertisement. I just wanted to share the concept of social media as a telling room. But, the shoe fits, so there you have it!

Shing and The Not Sorry Show brand...the ultimate telling rooms!

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Pro-life. Christian. Independent. Pro 1A Pro 2A Conservative. Humble and naïve but don't tread on me. "Things do not change; we change." Thoreau "Dust thou art, to dust returnest was not spoken of the soul." Longfellow "Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple." Dr. Seuss


  • 🐕 ᛋᚺIᛒA-Rista ☕

    9 months ago

    I like show preparation and digging for topics I think will be interesting for the audience, and relate to other stories we have for the show. The chat interactions provide me with an opportunity to barge in and pivot the discussion in a direction we possibly hadn't considered.

    You could say the "news room" has become my telling room.

  • Sparky

    9 months ago

    Brava!!! 👏🏻 Well said, Queebie!

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