Choose to Matter

WAKE UP! The majority of humanity is about to be made extinct by globalist vampires, leaving a few million of you to be their worker drones. Supporting their lifestyles as they lord it over a mostly empty planet.

Choose to Matter

Your governments are starving you out under the excuse of doing it for 'the environment'. For fuck's sake, WAKE UP! If the civilian population was subject to randomly being kidnapped and executed by the military, under the guise of 'crime prevention' and 'population control', then some of you at least would be rebelling and taking down such a cruel and insane regime.

It is the same. By acting against the welfare of the majority of its citizens, a government loses it's legitimacy and becomes a hostile regime and an enemy of the People. You owe them no allegiance, you only have to follow orders out of fear of their guns. If enough of you swarm them, you will win, they cannot kill you all. Sure many of you will lose your lives taking back your countries. It has always been so.

Many more of you will live in freedom, start over with a government of public servants, hopefully under civilian oversight and term limits, but that is your calls. If you don't do this, most of you will die eventually under their programs of starvation, cold, direct poison injectionsm chemical warfare by 'accidents' (all forced eventually), and at some point concentration camp executions. It has all happened before, don't let it happen again!

Or, you can die quietly like they want you to, happy in the thoughts that you are doing what you are told, being a good citizen, sacrificing yourselves for the lives of the remaining elites who will be left with the lucky few chosen to support them.

Choose to matter.


  • Queen of Everything

    8 months ago

    Excellent post!

  • Modesty

    8 months ago

    Sobering and very true.

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