The White Supremacy Lie

If White Supremacy was the problem, there would be museums about White Supremacy in every major city. Stop believing the government propaganda.

I am so sick of all this talk in the media and Hollywood about how "White Supremacy is the greatest problem we face".

If White Supremacy was the problem, there would be museums about White Supremacy in every major city. White Supremacy would be required learning in schools. You wouldn't be able to say anything derogatory about Whites at all without being cancelled, fired, de-banked, and de-personed. You would be REQUIRED to pay obeisance to Whites by signing pledges to them, and visiting their holiest sites. You would never be allowed to hold office without swearing fealty to them. You would be forced to tithe endless sums of money to them, and you would be forced to venerate anything they held as culturally important, if White Supremacy was the greatest problem in the nation today. Hell, if White Supremacy was the problem, Congress would be trying to pass laws to make insulting a White person a federal crime!

Let's just start with H.R. 3515, shall we?

Introduced in House (05/25/2021)

Preventing Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Act

This bill requires a designated officer or employee of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to facilitate the expedited review of anti-Semitic hate crimes and reports of anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Further, the bill requires DOJ to issue guidance for state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies on expanding public education campaigns to raise awareness of anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Finally, the bill increases the statutory maximum prison term for an individual who is convicted of a federal hate crime offense after a prior conviction for a hate crime offense under federal law or a hate crime felony under state law.

Similar bills now exist for homosexuality and other "protected minorities". 

Name one, just one, bill or law that specifically calls out and protects White people. I'll wait. 

It is time for us to call this what it is. This is deliberate racial hatred, directed at White people, by what very much appears to be a Jew-led coalition of Bolsheviks in government. This is the deliberate polarization and demonization of White people, with the intent of driving White people out of their own societies, and the genociding them. 

There is currently no such thing as White Supremacy in the United States of America

But there should be.


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  • Shades

    2 months ago

    Time to start up the next Crusade and deal with these (fake Jew) Talmuddies.

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