Why Do Good Things Happen?

Perhaps some insight into why good things happen.

That's an easy one, George. Good things happen to good people. Everyone knows that.

Not so fast, bubs. We say that kind of thing because in our logical mind we think there must be a cause and effect connection between good people and good things. Someone is a good person because good things have happened to them. Good things happen to a person and that makes them good. 

Now I don't have a Ph.D in Goodery.  ( I got booted from the program for some kind of malfeasance.) Maybe the theory outlined above is completely valid. I cannot argue the validity one way or the other but I will say that maybe alternate forces are at work either in conjuction with or replacing the good things/good people theory.

I'm going to relate a little personal story here and offer what I think may be a valid point.

I was recently struggling with an issue that had me upset. It wasn't an earth-shattering thing, not a matter of life or death. Nevertheless, I was quite troubled on that particular day. As it happened, I had a totally unrelated meeting with someone on a work matter. Of course I didn't bring up my troubles and the meeting went very well. This person is spiritual and I'm pretty certain they pray. I believe that after our meeting she sent a prayer. I have no evidence of same, nor any real reason to think that she would. 

Later that day, the issue I was having self resolved for the most part and I wondered, "Why is that? Is it timing? Something else?" Then it occurred to me. I didn't think, "Oh, I know. I'm a good person so this good thing happened." I thought back to my work meeting and it hit me. Solid. Unwavering. That person prayed for me. I know it.

It's not that my troubles went away exactly, but I could see them with a clarity I hadn't been able to see previously. It's important to know that generally, I am not a praying man. There are rare exceptions of course but it is not part of my lifestyle. I do have a friend who is struggling with something right now.  I have said and will contiune to say a prayer for him. He is a good man. But I don't pray at the drop of a hat nor do I pray daily.

So, do I believe there is a God? Yeah I guess I do. A superior intelligence/being. How it all works and how God works is not for me to say. Nor any of us, truth be told.

The next time something good happens for you, take time to reflect. Could this be because someone - maybe even someone you barely know - sent up a prayer for you? Maybe. Maybe not.  But I do know the one thing you need to be: Thankful.

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  • Queen of Everything

    a month ago

    Wonderful post! I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. Is it mind over matter? Is it "believing" it, that is "faith", that makes it happen? As you say, none of us really know how it all works. But whether it is mind over matter or believing that makes it work, God's hand is in it one way or the other.

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