Why the Shibe?

Why the Shiba Inu is my spirit animal and more.

I've adopted the Shiba Inu both in the physical domain as well as the online persona many of you have come to know me as.  Why the Shibe, the Doge of memes?  Having lived with one for over thirteen years and adding a second one to the pack about three months ago, I've learned to appreciate them and their "Shibatude" more and more as time goes on, mostly because it's like looking in the mirror from a behavioral perspective.

Yes, I wrote "Shibatude".  It's a thing.  Get over it.

The Shiba Inu is one of three very primative dog breeds originating from Japan, of which they're the smallest.  Due to their primative nature they're notoriously difficult to train, which often results in an unruly ball of furry energy taking the role of "pack leader".  The Shibe then "owns" its human.  It's a fine line that has to be walked in establishing your role as the pack leader, and can't be accomplished through the establishment of sheer physical dominance over the Doge.  I would best classify it as "earned respect", which is so very Japanese.  Having spent most of my professional career with a Japanese based company, I can speak from first hand experience on this matter.

Big Personality/Big Energy

Intelligent, yet aloof could describe both the Shiba and the author.  They're amazing puzzle solvers, highly inquizitive, and they will get the best of you the moment you let down your guard.  As an engineer, problem solving was my career, so I can relate to them on that level.  Highly adaptable and ready to learn new skills (tricks) - most certainly.  I've also been known to be sneaky and silent while planning things.  They can often be quite vocal when wanting something or having decided to complain very loudly.  Not barking, but more like talking/yodeling/screaming as they ramp up.  I've been known to speak my mind on occasion as well.  While wanting to be part of the pack, they're still more than happy to wander off and do their own thing.  Be warned that the idle mind of a Shiba can lead to destruction, so they have to be kept interested, engaged, and allowed to burn off massive amounts of energy.  Idle paws and such.

Obessive Compulsive Doge

They're quirky buggers for certain, but some of the quirks are positives.  A little bit OCD and bordering on catlike in terms of them obsessively cleaning and grooming themselves.  This pays off big time when it comes to potty training, or more like the lack thereof.  Set a routine, stick to it, and pay attention to what the pupper is communicating.  Forget about thinking you can just turn them loose in the yard or be off leash though.  Not likely to be successful due to an incredibly high prey drive.  Birds, rabbits, squirrels, and leaves blowing in the breeze will send them going off at top speed to their intended target and beyond.  Not even "invisible fences" stand a chance of success in most cases.  You will not be able to chase them down.

The Shiba Big 5:  Ownership tips

  • Be committed to giving them adequate exercise.
  • Cuddling is strictly on their terms only. 
  • Do not attept to stop the "Shiba 500" while in progress.
  • Fiercely individual, highly intelligent, stubborn, yet loyal and eager to please.
  • On a leash, with a harness or they're gone.

Do not attempt to restrain the enegetic ball of fur that can explode without notice.  The Shiba 500 will not be stopped.  You will fail.  Just let it complete enough laps and burn itself out.  You have been warned.

All of these characteristics make up Shibatude, which is the most powerful force in the Doge world.  Adopt one at the risk of having your heart stolen along with anything that isn't nailed down.

Post author

Just a doggo noticing things. The Shiba Inu personifies a spirit of bold independence and problem solving. Former electrical & systems engineer. Builder of electrical and mechanical things. Amateur barista, baker, and pixel pusher. Designer, carpenter, and craftsman.


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